7 Reasons You Might Want To Sell Your Used Computer Hardware and Telephone Equipment

  1. You may have upgraded your system with new equipment and need to sell your old system.
  2. You may have moved offices and have a new system installed at the new site.
  3. You may be downsizing and closing an office.
  4. You might have bought kit for an installation that never happened and it has been gathering dust in the stock room ever since.
  5. You may have moved to a new office and found old kit on site that is surplus to your requirements.
  6. You might be a property developer or landlord who may have found kit on site after tenants have vacated the property.
  7. You might be a computer or telecoms dealer looking for cash for old stock in your warehouse.

Either way we want to buy your kit, new or used or dusty. Just email us a list of what you have. Include as much detail as possible, part numbers will make life easier where possible.

Email to disposals@datahound.co.uk

Thanks – We look forward to hearing from you.