Computer Disposals -

Datahound will buy your out of service computer hardware. We buy servers, storage systems, hard drives and networking.

Being refurbished and reused ensures that your computer hardware items are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way and in full compliance with the WEEE directive and safe waste disposal legislation. We ensure your used networking, storage systems, hardware, are recycled and reused.

Data security is a very serious matter and we make sure all drives are securely data wiped before resale using industry standard data destruction software.

Collection from your site is arranged at your convenience.

Fast payment for your items by bank transfer.

Datahound is proud to be a part of the European recycling industry since 2002 and we take our reputaion for service and our green credentials very seriously indeed. Recycled computer parts are an assset to the computer hardware ecosystem. Every part we put back to every day use and saved from the bin we consider a small victory in our wasteful society. This makes us smile.


Send us your hardware disposal inventory to and we will offer a fair market price. We might ask for photographs in order to assess the condition of the items. We nornally can put an offer together in a couple of hours.


If you are happy with the price offered we will arrange collection from your site at your convenience. We have collection facilities across the UK so we can collect, or if more convenient you can arrange your own shipping at our cost.

Contact us now for stock availability and pricing. We promise fast, efficient and extremely polite service.