A Short History of Shoretel

Shoretel was founded in 1996. Originally named Shoreline Teleworks. It’s cofounders were Edwin J Basart and Mike Harrigan. It was in 1998 that the company shipped it’s first product to market.

In 2004 that the company changed it’s name and the Shoretel brand was born.

The company went public in 2004 and Shoretel grew by acquiring Agito Networks in 2010 and then M5 Networks in 2012.

In 2015 the company launched its Connect Common UC paltform and 2016 brought further acquisition of Corsiva, to provide SIP trunking and additional third-party application integration.

In 2016 came further innovation with the launching of ShoreTel Connect Hybrid Sites, a hybrid offering of on-premises and cloud services.

In September 2017, the company was acquired by Mitel for $530 million.

We buy out of service, new or used Shoretel telephones and Shoretel telephone systems.

Being refurbished and reused ensures that your telephones are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way and in full compliance with the WEEE directive and safe waste disposal legislation. We ensure your used telecoms, telephones and systems are recycled and reused.

UK Telecom Disposal Service, we buy back used telephones.