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Datahound has been buying used office telephones since 2002 and providing telephone disposal services to businesses and corporations across the UK. We have arranged the decommissioning, recovery and resale of used business phones all over the UK, but significantly around London and the Home Counties area. Our clients range from schools, colleges and universities through to large size legal practices in the City of London, major pharmaceutical research and manufacturing plants.
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We removed over three thousand Nortel and Avaya telephones from one site alone over a period of just one month. All the out of service phones had been removed from desk by the client and unceremoniously dumped in black plastic bin bags in a very large central conference room. It was a horrible tangled mess with metaphorical seagulls wheeling overhead. We worked through it carefully, untangling cords, cutting cords, sorting phones by brand and model. At the end we had rows upon rows in groups of ten by ten all laid out on the floor ready for packing and a lot of ripped and tattered empty bin bags. The room now organised like an army of used telephones lined up like little soldiers. This was one of the most satisfying jobs I have worked on in my telephones disposals career. Not only because of sheer quantity of used business phones for sale but also because of the highly secure nature of the premises one of the most challenging.

If you have used telephones for sale and need our telephone disposal services I can guarantee 100% attention to detail, polite service, minimum fuss. We do all the work for you. Quick valuation of your out of service phones, we will offer you market value for out of service equipment. We will then arrange immediate or next day collection for your out of commission used telephones assets so you can make room for your next IT project roll out.

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Michael Thrower
Managing Director
Datahound Ltd.